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Slide includes a full featured command-line based WebDAV client, which allows full access to the Slide server using the WebDAV protocol. Although the client is part of the Slide project, it is not tied to the Slide server, and was proven to be interoperable with a wide variety of WebDAV servers from other vendors. The reason why it is part of Slide instead of being fully independent and developed separately is the need to manitain a consistent feature set between the client and the server. For example, if ACL support is added to the server, we will want to also have ACL support in the client to be able to manipulate the ACLs.

The client supports WebDAV level 2 and WebDAV Access Control Protocol, with support of other WebDAV extensions planned.

User's Guide

The client resides in the "client" subdirectory in the Slide binary distributions. To run it, use the "run" script in the bin directory (the work directory should be the "client" directory).

Command List

  • options {http_URL|path} Print available http methods
  • open [http_URL] Connect to specified URL
  • close Close current connection
  • exit Exit Slide
  • help Print this help message
  • lpwd Print local working directory
  • lcd [path] Change local working directory
  • lls [-lF] [path] List contents of local directory
  • pwc Print working collection
  • cc [path] Change working collection
  • ls [-lF] [path] List contents of collection
  • url Print working URL
  • status Print latest http status message
  • get path [file] Get a resource to a file
  • put {URL|file} [path] Put a given file or URL to path
  • mkcol path ... Make new collections
  • delete path ... Delete resources
  • copy source destination Copy resource from source to destination path
  • move source destination Move resource from source to destination path
  • lock path Lock specified resource
  • unlock path Unlock specified resource
  • propget path property ... Print value of specified property
  • propput path property value Set property with given value
  • set URLencode {on|off} Set URL encoding flag, default: on
  • set debug {on|off|"level"} Set debug level, default: off
  • acl ["path"] Displays the ACL of path
  • principalcol ["path"] Displays the principal collection set of path
  • grant ["namespace"] "permission" [on "path"] to "principal"
  • deny ["namespace"] "permission" [on "path"] to "principal"
  • revoke ["namespace"] "permission" [on "path"] from "principal"
  • Aliases: help=?, open=connect, ls=dir, pwc=pwd, cc=cd, lls=ldir, copy=cp, move=mv, delete=del=rm, mkcol=mkdir, propget=propfind, propput=proppatch, exit=quit=bye

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