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Installing the Slide Server
Tomcat bundle

The Slide version bundled with Tomcat features easy installation and uses Tomcat's integrated authentication. After you have downloaded this Slide distribution go the following to get it started:

  • Unpack it to a directory of your choice
  • If you have previously installed Tomcat and have set the CATALINA_HOME environment variable, either unset it or set it to the directory you unpacked the distribution to
  • Be sure to have at least JDK or JRE 1.3 installed
  • If not done, yet, you will have to set the JAVA_HOME enviroment variable to the location where your JDK or JRE has been installed
  • If you are on Windows either double click startup.bat in the bin directory or use the prompt to change to the bin dir and run startup.bat in this directory - Slide should startup now
  • If you are on *n*x systems change to the bin dir and run in this directory - Slide should startup now
  • Connect to http://localhost:8080/slide - In order to have a WebDAV, not a pure HTTP connect you will need more than a browser. Either use dedicated WebDAV client software or follow the instructions in the User's Guide section.
  • As authentication is turned on you need to login - admin login is "root" with password "root"
  • All up-/downloads should go to the file directory
  • Documentation is provided as a .war and can be accees at http://localhost:8080/slide-doc

Binary Distribution

Slide's binary distribution mainly contains all jars, documentation and web applications. This distribution will need any Servlet container or application server that supports at least servlet spec 2.3. Web applications slide.war and slide-doc.war can be found at slide/webapp. Simply copy them to the deployment directory of your servlet container or application server - webapps directory for Tomcat. If you do not know what this means consult the manual of your servlet container or application server. To connect to Slide and how to go on from there have a look at the instructions for the Tomcat bundled distribution above. Notice, however, this distribution does not use authentication!

Compiling Slide from Source

In order to successfully build Slide, you will need to do the following. In the instructions below, $JAKARTA_HOME is assumed to be the directory into which you are installing all of the required distributions. The detailed dependency list is available in the next section.

  • Download and install a version 1.3 or later (1.4 recommended) Java Development Kit implementation for your operating system platform. Set a "JAVA_HOME" environment variable to point at the directory where your JDK is installed, and add "$JAVA_HOME/bin" to your PATH.
  • Download and install Ant 1.5.3 or later. Then define an environment variable named "ANT_HOME" and make it point to the path wher you just installed Ant.
  • Download the source distribution of Slide (subpackage "jakarta-slide"), or check it out via anonymous CVS, into a subdirectory named "$JAKARTA_HOME/jakarta-slide".
  • Build Slide using :
            cd $JAKARTA_HOME/jakarta-slide
            $ANT_HOME/bin/    for Unix
            %ANT_HOME%\bin\ant      for Windows
    You can delete the generated files in the "build" and "dist" subdirectories by executing the following:
            cd $JAKARTA_HOME/jakarta-slide
            $ANT_HOME/bin/ clean    for Unix
            %ANT_HOME%\bin\ant clean      for Windows
  • A web application which can be used in any Servlet 2.3 compliant container can be found $JAKARTA_HOME/jakarta-slide/dist/webapp/slide.war.

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