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Slide Projector

The Slide Projector is a process based web framework that was designed to build complex applications on top of Slide or any other WebDAV-compliant repository. Projector is part of Slide since the 2.1 beta release. It features:

  • WebDAV based rendering framework
  • Separation of concerns
  • Contract based programming paradigm
  • Synchronous, asynchronous and nested workflows
  • Event driven workflows
  • Content type aware templating
  • HTML form generation and validation
  • Table and tree rendering
  • Application handling including deployment at runtime and application dependencies
  • Works with Slide and Microsoft Exchange

If you want to implement web centric applications backed by a WebDAV-server, the Slide Projector is a good choice. It supports you by implementing complex such as rendering web pages or page fragments asynchronously.

Projector comes with a very simple demo application that can be used to manage users/roles stored in Slide. The web based application can be launched by the URL http://localhost:8080/projector/listUsers.html


Some documentation for Projector 0.1 that is bundled with the Slide 2.1beta1-release of Slide can be found here.

If you like to work with a printed manual, you can get the pdf-documentation here.

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