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Slide supports binding according to draft 2.1 of the WebDAV BIND specification. It allows multiple URIs to be mapped to the same resource.

Enabling binding

Enabling binding for a store is simple. It is done by referencing the BindingStore implementation through the classname attribute of the store element when configuring the store in Domain.xml:

<store name="mystore" classname="">
    <nodestore classname=...>
Under no circumstances the binding configuration of a store should be changed from disabled to enabled, or vice-versa, while the store contains data, as no migration of the data will take place!

Some parameters (web.xml)

There exist some servlet init parameters in the webapp deployment descriptor, i.e. WEB-INF/web.xml in the webapp directory, which influence the binding behavior of the server at the WebDAV level.

  • extendedAllprop
    (xpath: /web-app/servlet/init-param[param-name="extendedAllprop"]):
    According to WebDAV DeltaV, ACL and Binding specifications, a DAV:allprop PROPFIND should not return any of the properties defined in any of those documents. For testing purposes, the specified behaviour can be disabled by setting this parameter "true".

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