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The easiest way to have Slide running with Tomcat is to use the web archive which can be found in Slide's binary distributions (webapp/slide.war), or can be built using the "dist" build target.

Simply drop the Slide WAR file in Tomcat's webapp directory, and launch Tomcat. You should then start editing the Slide configuration file and web application descriptor to tweak your installation.

Slide will be available at http://hostname:8080/slide

Integration with Tomcat 4.x and 5.x

To use Tomcat's authentication mechanisms with the Slide user database you will need a closer integration. This can be done by registering Slide's implementation of a Tomcat security realm in Tomcat's config files.

There is this installation target in the build script that does this for you and additionally copies all needed jars and files into the appropriate location. This process has been successfully tested with Tomcat 4.1.(x>=27) and Tomcat 5.0.(x>=16). You can download ready-to-run versions of Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5 modified in this way or can build it using the "tomcat-4-install" or "tomcat-5-install" targets. For this target the build script needs to know Tomcat's installtion directory which has to be configured in

Slide's documentation will be deployed as an ordinary war slide-doc.war. After that documentation will be available at http:///hostname:8080/slide-doc.

If you have additional jars used by your stores (like JDBC drivers) or any custom classes put them into Tomcat's common/lib directory.

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