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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This is a collection of frequently asked questions about Slide.

Who can I turn when after reading this FAQ I still have questions?

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Where do I configure authentication and security?

You (selectively) switch on security in web.xml like in any other web application. Where authentication information like user name and password comes from is configured in Realms when you use Tomcat as your web container. Initial users are configured in Domain.xml. As Tomcat actually does the authentication it needs to have knowledge about them. You thus have to either double them in tomcat-users.xml for the default Tomcat realm (at least for 4.1.x it is the default) or let Tomcat use the Slide realm. In the bundled version the Slide realm is used.

When I change user data in Domain.xml the changes do not seem to affect Slide. What might be the problem?

The whole data section of Domain.xml - including user data - is for *initialization* only. This means if you change this data in Domain.xml it will only show up unless you delete existing data before. No data will be overridden.

What stores are there?

There are two complete store implementations coming with Slide. The tx file store is the default one and does not need an additional RDBMS installed. There also is an RDBMS store that features ports to SQLServer, Postgres, MySQL, and Sybase. Ports for Oracle and DB/2 are in preparation.

Where do I have to put my JDBC driver in Tomcat when I want to use the RDBMS store?

Put the driver and all other classes needed by our application into $Tomcat/common/lib.

Where is some starter info/example on what to implement for my own store?

There is no such info. The best you can get are the both default stores as an example.

Is there a bug related to OS X built in webdav(fs) support?

Yes. Someone suggested making Slide handle OSX differently to fix it. A workaround was to set the lockdiscoveryIncludesPrincipalURL property in web.xml to false.

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