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Active Commiters (in random order)

Ingo Brunberg
Client library.

Daniel Florey
Event/extractor framework, Projector.

Unico Hommes
Testing, fixes and work on JAAS login module.

Stefan Lützkendorf
Testsuite and many fixes and enhancements.

James Mason
Testing, fixes, cluster support and JNDI principal store. General release manager.

Jacob Lund
Testing, bug reports and fixes.

Martin Holz
Testing, fixes and work on the J2EE store.

Peter Nevermann
DeltaV (Versioning), BIND, Security (ACL) and WVCM (JSR-147).

Oliver Zeigermann
Stores, transaction stuff, caching, JCA, WebDAV Construction Kit (WCK).

Davide Savazzi
Testing, fixes and Oracle port of RDBMS store.

Ryan Rhodes
Work on extractors, search and JCA connector.

Guido Casper

Warwick Burrows
Testing and fixes mainly for DB2 RDBMS store and transactions.

Thomas Draier
Testing, fixes and many enhancements in the WebDAV layer.

Carlos Villegas
OJB store, general support and enhancements.

Inactive Commiters (in random order)

Martin Dulisch
Testing and work in the client section.

Eckehard Hermann
Security, ACL and Tamino store.

Juergen Pill
Testing, fixes and many ideas on the transaction API.

Martin Wallmer
DASL (Searching and Locating).

Remy Maucherat
Original developer of Slide.

B.C. Holmes
Client library, documentation.

Dave Bryson
Command line client.

Sung-Gu Park
WebDAV client library design.

Michael Smith
Testing, lots of improvements to the Stores.

Peter Hawkins
Hosts and maintains the FAQ on Slide.

Dirk Verbeeck
Completed WebDAV Access Control Protocol.

Christopher Lenz
Tag library, administration webapp, bug fixes, testing.

Jean-Philippe Courson
Testing and fixes.

Stefano Mazzocchi
Testing and fixes.

Stefan Guggisberg
JCR (JSR 170).

Contributors (in random order)

Nick Longinow
Extensions to the ACL protocol and general reporting and discussios.

Paul Hussein
Testing, fixes, support and documentation.

Thomas Bernert
Testing, bug reports and fixes.

Ashok Kumar
J2EE redesign.

Christophe Lombart
DBCP implementation for JDBC store, MySQL port of RDBMS store.

Richard Unger
Work on wrappers.

Christopher Taylor

Chris Sharp

Marc Décugis
Initial version of XML store.

Colin Britton
Help with J2EE store.

Craig McClanahan
CVS, mailing lists, nightly builds setup, as well as countless other things.

Christopher Harding
Testing and bug reports.

Jason Harrop
Testing, bug reports and fixes.

Scott Sanders
Testing, bug reports.

Michael Dalrymple
UML model for Slide.

David McDonnell
Security system additions.

Hardy Kiefer
XML logger.

Jojada J. Tirtowidjojo
Swing components, WebDAV test GUI.

Michael Hartmeier
BIND, bug reports and fixes.

Ralf Stuckert
DeltaV (Versioning), bug reports and fixes.


XMLMind donated licenses of XMLEditor professional to the Slide commiters.

C1 Financial Services
Sponsored the slide 2.x development.

Intalio Inc.
Donated on May 2000 an early version of the OpenDAV project to Apache Jakarta.

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