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Slide is Retired

As of 2007-11-03, the Slide project is retired. This site is kept online for archiving purposes.

Due to the lack of a developer community, the codebase was no longer actively maintained and security issues could not be addressed by bugfix releases. The Jakarta PMC therefore had no other choice but to retire Slide.

If you are looking for a WebDAV client or a server-side Content Repository, please consider the Apache Jackrabbit project as an alternative.

This site is kept online for archiving purposes.


Welcome to the Jakarta Slide project! Slide is a content repository which can serve as a basis for a content management system / framework and other purposes. It features:

  • Full WebDAV Support
  • Basic DeltaV WebDAV Versioning Support
  • Support for a variety of backend systems for storing the content including different databases and file system storage
  • Transactions and Locking for data integrity
  • Flexible control over permissions at a per file level via support for the WebDAV ACL
  • DASL support for any backend, extensible for using backends search capabilities for higher scalability and less latency
  • Binding support
  • Simple installation as .war deployment
  • 'ready-to-run' binary distribution for Tomcat
  • A fully featured WebDAV client library and command line client

The Slide project main module is a content repository, which can be seen as a low-level content management framework. Conceptually, it provides a hierarchical organization of binary content which can be stored into arbitrary, heterogenous, distributed data stores. In addition, Slide integrates security, locking, versioning, as well as many other services.

It can integrate and manage data stored within external repositories, requiring only small abstraction layers to be written for each repository. That way, Slide can integrate the data from various physical locations in a hierachical and unified way. Slide uses can range from managing intranet application content to using it as a file server.

Slide also offers a WebDAV access module (implemented as a servlet). WebDAV is an IETF standard endorsed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Adobe and many others. It makes Slide an ideal choice for web-based content management. All the data managed by Slide can be accessed through WebDAV, and enable remote administration and manipulation of the data managed by Slide using standard third party tools, along with the custom ones provided in the Slide distribution as additional tools.

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