2011/12/21 - Jakarta has been retired.

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Lastest news are here

The various news documents are now generated from a single source: site/news.xml. This file contains all new news.

The build process uses this file to generate an RSS feed, and to generate XML content files in the site/news folder (which are then converted to HTML). The master index is generated from this file as well (it is limited to the most recent 20 entries).

The format should be easy to grasp. A root <news> element contains <group> elements. Each <group> has an @id and a @title and will be used to generate a single news file in the site/news folder. Currently, a "group" is a calendar quarter, but this can change in the future if things really heat up (i.e., monthly news pages rather than quarterly).

<group> contains <release> and <news>. Both of these contain an @id attribute (consisting of "YYYYMMDD.x", i.e., a date stamp and index within a day), and a @date attribute (a formatted date, such as "17 October 2005").

<release> contains @product which is the product that was released (i.e., "Tapestry 4.0-beta-11"). <news> contains @title which is simply the title of the news entry (i.e., "Right Commons-Cli 1.0 Jar Now In Java Repository"). <release> and <news> contains a body of markup, the details about that product release or general news entry.

The site.xml navigation contains link to the RSS feed.

Jakarta Newsletter grew into The Apache Newsletter.

Unfortunately, The Apache Newsletter is now in retirement. But those who liked the newsletter, may like to take a look at the (unofficial and experimental) Apache News Blog.

Thanks to all the volunteers!

Jakarta now has an RSS feed. That is now the recommended way to track Jakarta news.

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