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28 June 2005 - HiveMind 1.1-beta-2 released

The latest release of the HiveMind services and configuration microkernel progresses towards a final 1.1 release. A few minor features were added (a <push-content> rule, JUnit Tests reports),a few minor bugs were fixed, and a few things were changed so that HiveMind will build under JDK 1.5 (but still run under JDK 1.3).

Download HiveMind.

26 June 2005 - Commons HttpClient 3.0rc3 released

The Jakarta Commons HttpClient project is pleased to announce the third release candidate of HttpClient 3.0. RC3 has undergone quite a lot of user testing and it fixes a number of bugs from RC2. We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to HttpClient 3.0 RC3.


For more information on Commons HttpClient, please see the HttpClient web site.

25 June 2005 - Tapestry 4.0-beta-1 released

The first beta release of Tapestry 4.0 is now available. Tapestry is a component based web application framework that provides lots of functionality with minimal Java coding, and creates an environment that supports high levels of reuse. Tapestry 4.0 represents a significant advance over Tapestry 3.0. A few of our favorite changes in 4.0:

  • The new 4.0 specification DTDs have been simplified.
  • The syntax used for binding parameters inside an HTML template and inside an XML specification is now consistent. Both make use of the binding prefixes.
  • "Friendly" URLs (that is, URLs that pack more information into the path and less into query parameters) are built in. This makes it easy to divide your application across many folders (reducing clutter), and leverage J2EE declarative security along the way.
  • Listener methods are much easier and more flexible; listener parameters in the URL are automatically mapped to listener method parameters, and listener methods can return the page name or page instance to activate.
  • Component parameters now just work, without having to worry about "direction".
  • Applications can now have a global message catalog, in addition to per-page and per-component message catalogs. Messages not found in the component message catalog are searched for in the application catalog.
  • Full, native support for developing JSR-168 Portlets has been added.
  • Tapestry 4.0 makes much less use of reflection and OGNL than Tapestry 3.0; partly because there are many new binding prefixes and largely because of how parameters are now implemented.
  • HiveMind services and Spring beans can be directly injected into page and component classes.
  • Tapestry 4.0 includes optional JDK 1.5 annotation support (but Tapestry still works with JDK 1.3).
  • Tapestry 4.0 debuts a new and much more sophisticated user input validation subsystem. Thanks Paul!
  • Line precise error reporting can now display the contents of files containing errors.
  • Forms can now be canceled, bypassing client-side validation logic, and invoking an alternate listener on the server-side.
  • You are no longer limited to just Global and Visit; you can have as many application state objects as you like.
  • The use of HiveMind under the covers means that Tapestry can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  • Page properties can now be persisted on the client, as well as in the session.
  • Components and component parameters can now be marked as deprecated. Component parameters may have aliases (used when renaming a parameter).

The complete list of changes is almost too numerous to enumerate. Suffice to say, everything is about getting more bang for the buck; reducing the amount of Java code, reducing the complexity of templates, and simplifying (or eliminating) XML files.

Tapestry is provided as a combined binary/source distribution, and a seperate documentation distribution.

Download Tapestry

16 June 2005 - Commons-Jelly 1.0 released

The Commons Jelly team announces the release of Commons Jelly 1.0 from the Apache Software Foundation. This is the first stable release of Jelly. It can be used as a standalone application to run scripts, or incorporated into your Java applications.

Notable changes since the 1.0-RC1 release:

  • Internal caching was changed to remove a memory leak
  • Jelly is now distributed as an application with its dependencies and main tag libraries

Download Jelly

13 June 2005 - Commons-Lang 2.1 released

The Commons Lang team is pleased to announce the release of Commons Lang 2.1 from the Apache Software Foundation. This release contains several new features and fixes, including:

  • New package org.apache.commons.lang.mutable containing basic classes that hold an Object or primitive and provide both get and set methods;
  • New DurationFormatUtils providing various methods for formatting durations;
  • New CharEncoding containing definitions of constants for character encoding work;
  • New CharUtils containing utilities for working with characters;
  • Various new methods in ArrayUtils, BooleanUtils, ClassUtils, ObjectUtils, StringUtils, SystemUtils, Validate, WordUtils, EqualsBuilder, ExceptionUtils, NumberUtils, DateUtils, FastDateFormat, and StopWatch;
  • New short prefix style for ToStringBuilder;
  • More flags in ReflectionToStringBuilder to control the output with regards to statics;
  • Renaming of the enum package to enums for JDK1.5 compliance;
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

For more details see the release notes.

Download Lang

12 June 2005 - Commons-Digester 1.7 released

This is a minor bugfix and maintenance release with a few small features added. New projects are encouraged to use this release of digester, but there is no urgency for existing projects to upgrade; Digester 1.6 has proven to be a stable release.

This release is 100% binary and source compatible with the previous release.

25 May 2005 - Commons-VFS graduated from Sandbox to Commons-Proper

The Commons VFS Project Team is pleased to announce that the Commons VFS Project has graduated from Commons-Sandbox and joined to Commons-Proper.
The 1.0 Release is planned for end next week.

19 May 2005 - Common-Daemon 1.0.1 Released

The latest release of Common-Daemon has been made available. Release 1.0.1 contains few fixes and 2 new features for jsvc:

  • A -wait option to allow jsvc to return after the start method has been successfull.
  • A -stop option to stop the running service.

17 May 2005 - Tapestry 4.0-alpha-3 Released

The latest alpha release of the Tapestry web application framework is now available. This release fixes some minor problems in the prior alpha release, and adds several important new features:

  • Submit components by default defer invoking their listener until the end of the form submission.
  • Submit components can pass listener parameters into listener methods.
  • Meta data and parsed script templates can now be injected into pages and components.
  • Listener methods are now invoked in a pipeline that can be extended.
  • Validator objects can now be specified using a validator: binding prefix.

Download Tapestry

07 May 2005 - Commons Net 1.4.0 Released

The Commons Net team is proud to announce the release of Commons Net 1.4.0. This release contains several new features and fixes, including:

  • The addition of a configurable date format parsing mechanism for the FTPClient component;
  • Enhancement of FTPClient to handle a much wider range of server formats;
  • A new FTP parser for MVS has been added;
  • The addition of NTP unit tests;
  • Various fixes and enhancements to the TFPClient, NTPClient and POP3Client components

Download Net

06 May 2005 - Tapestry 4.0-alpha-2 Released

The latest alpha release of what is now called Tapestry 4.0 has been made available. Release 4.0-alpha-2 of the Tapestry web application framework fleshes out more of Portlet support and adds many new features, including:

  • 'client' property persistence strategy -- persistent properties stored on client as query parameters
  • Default binding type for component parameters -- binding prefix can now often be omitted
  • More friendly-URL encoders
  • Improved listener methods -- listener parameter passed in as method parameters
  • FieldLabel now works correctly when enclosed by a looping component
  • Asset URLs now include a message digest as security credential
  • Form names are now based on the Form component's id

Download Tapestry

29 April 2005 - HiveMind 1.1-beta-1 Released

This first 1.1 beta release of the HiveMind services and configuration microkernel is now available. Release 1.1-beta-1 adds JMX support to HiveMind, allowing HiveMind services to be monitored and managed via a JMX console.

Download HiveMind.

11 April 2005 - Tomcat 5.5.9 Voted Stable

The Apache Jakarta Tomcat team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Tomcat 5.5.9 stable. This build contains numerous bug fixes, documentation updates, and other improvements.

Please note that while all core features have been tested and voted stable, there is a known issue in this build related to the clustering module. The fix for this issue is available by itself at Bugzilla, and will be included in subsequent Tomcat releases. Again, this issue only impacts users of Tomcat's native clustering module.

Release notes: http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-5.5-doc/RELEASE-NOTES

Please refer to the change log for the list of changes: http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-5.5-doc/changelog.html

Downloads: http://jakarta.apache.org/site/downloads/downloads_tomcat-5.cgi

The stability voting thread is available at MARC at AIMS.

The Apache Jakarta Tomcat Team

10 April 2005 - Commons HttpClient 3.0rc2 Released

The Jakarta Commons HttpClient project is pleased to announce the second release candidate of HttpClient 3.0. Several minor issues have been fixed since RC1 and HttpClient 3.0 has made significant progress towards the final release. We are confident HttpClient 3.0 is ready to replace HttpClient 2.0 as a production quality release. We strongly recommend upgrading to HttpClient 3.0.


For more information on Commons HttpClient, please see the HttpClient 3.0 web site.

2 April 2005 - Commons Configuration 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Commons Configuration is now available. Commons Configuration provides a generic configuration interface which enables an application to read configuration data from a variety of sources.

This release introduces some new features like basic support for reloading of configuration files or optional configurations. A full list with the changes since the last release can be found here:


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