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22 December 2000 - Jakarta PMC Meeting

The Jakarta Project Management Committee will be meeting in mid January next year. Details are:

Date: 2001/01/16 (Tuesday) Time: 1:00 PM PST Location: CollabNet Offices, Burlingame CA (in the SF Bay Area)

CollabNet has graciously donated some space for us to have this meeting. You can get directions to the CollabNet offices here. Even though this is a meeting of the Jakarta PMC, all ASF Members are welcome to attend. Also welcome are developers in any of the projects that fall under the jurisdiction of the Java Apache Project and the Jakarta Project.

I am currently starting to investigate conference call-in numbers so that people that are geographically not close to the Bay Area can call in as well to follow what is going on. I'll have more info on that a few days before the meeting. Further information announcements will be sent to the general@jakarta.apache.org mailing list (see the mailing list page for instructions on how to subscribe).

James Duncan Davidson (PMC President)

19 December 2000 - ECS 1.4.1 Release

The latest release of Element Construction Set, has just been made available. This is a minor packaging update where the ecs.properties file was not included in the .jar file.

18 December 2000 - ECS 1.4 Release

The latest release of Element Construction Set, has just been made available.

13 December 2000 - Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 5 Release

The latest milestone release of Tomcat 4.0, milestone 5, has just been made available. This release includes two major new areas of functionality (the initial release of a web connector for Apache, and a JNDI naming context for use when running outside of a J2EE application server), performance improvements, and many bug fixes.

With this release, we also announce a feature freeze for Tomcat 4.0, and will start a cycle of beta releases immediately, culminating with a Tomcat 4.0 final release as soon as we're satisfied with its quality and performance.

12 December 2000 - Tomcat 3.1.1 and Tomcat 3.2.1 Security Fix Releases

Recently, several security vulnerabilities have been identified in both Tomcat 3.1 and Tomcat 3.2. To deal with these issues, maintenance releases of each Tomcat version have been prepared: Tomcat 3.1.1 and Tomcat 3.2.1. Please see the file doc/readme in each download to read the Release Notes for that version. In each case, you will not need to modify any native code components used to integrate Tomcat with a web server -- all of the changes affect only the Java components under the $TOMCAT_HOME directory.

29 November 2000 - Tomcat 3.2 Final Release Available

The most anticipated release from the Jakarta project yet! We hereby announce the availability of the final release of version 3.2 of the Tomcat servlet container and JSP engine. Tomcat implements the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications, and represents the most current release quality build of this project. Compared to version 3.1, there have been substantial improvements in performance, many new features (including support for SSL connections), and well over one hundred bug fixes. Pick up the binary distribution at http://www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/itomcat/release/v3.2/bin.

27 November 2000 - Jakarta Regexp 1.2 Available

We proudly announce the release 1.2 of the Jakarta Regexp project. Please see the Changes document for more information.

26 November 2000 - New Website Design

We finally have a new website design! The old one was getting stale and we needed to update our look. We also have a new process that allows our sub-projects to easily adopt the same look and feel as our primary site. The site is now being generated from XML files using Anakia as the transformation engine. Thanks to the magic of the RedirectMatch rule, all of our old links should also work as well. If you find any problems with the site, everything is checked into CVS and we would appreciate sending us patches to fix the problems.

23 July 2000 - Jakarta-ORO Project Now Available

A couple months ago we announced that Daniel F. Savarese would be donating his OROMatcher Regular Expression code to the Jakarta Project. After a long delay due to time constraints, we are proud to finally announce that the code is available! Come and get it!

31 May 2000 - New Struts Subproject Started

Craig McClanahan has contributed a small framework for building web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern commonly known as "Model 2" to the Jakarta project. The "Struts" project will serve as a platform for exploring the optimum approaches to implementing this design pattern, in a manner that can facilitate tool-based generation of application components. The Struts framework will operate on any servlet container that implements the Servlet Specification, version 2.2 or later, and the JavaServer Pages (JSP) specification, version 1.1 or later (such as Tomcat). See the subproject home page for more information about Struts.

Feel free to subscribe to the STRUTS-DEV mailing list if you wish to participate in the development of Struts itself, or the STRUTS-USER mailing list if you are a developer wishing to use Struts in your own applications. Instructions for subscribing to these mailing lists may be found here.

17 May 2000 - New WebDAV Subproject Started

Remy Maucherat (remm@exoffice.com) has graciously agreed to contribute his WebDAV implementation to the Jakarta project. To host this code, a new subproject named jakarta-slide has been created. Slide provides both a content management API, and a servlet that runs in any 2.2-compliant servlet engine, to implement the WebDAV protocol standards.

Feel free to subscribe to the SLIDE-DEV (developers) and SLIDE-USER (users) mailing lists on the Mailing Lists page, and to read more about Slide on its Project Page.

14 May 2000 - New Code Donation

We are proud to announce that Daniel F. Savarese has decided to not release his OROMatcher Text Processing software under the GPL license, but has instead decided to donate his code to the Jakarta Apache Project under the Jakarta (BSD Style) license. This means that we will now have two very powerful regular expression packages available under the BSD license! This software will be released as the 2.0 version and will be available sometime in June or July.

The current Regexp product will continue to be supported and will provide a light weight alternative to the OROMatcher software. Eventually, the two products may be integrated together, but that is up to the community to help us decide. We feel that having multiple solutions to problems like this, under a less restrictive and complicated license is a major benefit to the Java Language as a whole. Especially considering that a leading complaint about Java is the lack of text processing tools like Perl and other languages have.

14 May 2000 - Apache Jakarta Regexp 1.1 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the Apache Jakarta Regexp, version 1.1.

Apache Jakarta Regexp 1.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the Apache Jakarta Regexp Package, 100% Java Regular Expression package available for download and use.

Tomcat Status: 3.1 Final Released

As compared to the 3.0 final release, this drop contains a significant number of new features including:

  • Thread pooling and JVM load balancing
  • ISAPI and NSAPI integration
  • A Command line JSP to Servlet Code tool
  • Automatic generation of Apache configuration files
  • Automatic deployment of Web ARchive (WAR) files
  • Logging
  • Substantially improved documentation
  • Experimental servlet reloading
  • Experimental security implementation
  • Minimal Admin/Deployment Tool
  • Internal APIs were changed for flexibility and integration
  • The source code was cleaned and reorganized
  • Most non-essential code was moved out of tomcat.core
  • Greater platform / JVM level coverage
  • Many, many bugs were fixed.

You can download either the binaries or the sources.

As always, please submit any bugs you might find at the Jakarta bugs page. See the Mailing Lists page for subscription information.

New Subproject: Jakarta Taglibs

A new subproject has been started called jakarta-taglibs to serve as a repository for JSP custom tag libraries contributed to Jakarta under the Apache Source License. Developers may use these custom tag libraries in their own web applications, or to learn more about building your own custom tags. The source code for Jakarta Taglibs will be available in the jakarta-taglibs CVS workspace, and both source and binary distributions will be available. See the Binaries and Source Code download pages for more information.

Two new mailing lists have been created to support this effort. The taglibs-user list is for web application developers that are using these custom tag libraries in your applications, while the taglibs-dev list is for developers interested in contributing new custom libraries, or offering enhancements and bug fixes to the existing libraries. See the Mailing Lists page for subscription information.

New mailing list: tomcat-user@jakarta.apache.org created

In order to better organize discussions, we now have a new mailing list called tomcat-user for discussions germane to people actually using or experimenting with Tomcat. In the past all discussions happened on tomcat-dev. In the future, tomcat-dev will mainly concentrate on Tomcat future development plans and other issues which are of relevance to Tomcat developers; tomcat-user will be the standard forum for support on Tomcat.

To subscribe, send mail to tomcat-user-subscribe@jakarta.apache.org.

Bug Database and Mailing List Archive Now Available

Thanks to Pier Fumagalli, we now have a Bugzilla bug database set up for the Jakarta project. And thanks to Bill Middleton, the Tomcat developers mailing list is now archived. Please look at these two sources, plus the FAQ, before posting new questions or reporting bugs on the mailing lists.

To learn more about participating in the development efforts on the future releases of Tomcat, click here.

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