2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.


The Eclipse plugin is a work in progress. In the past it was working, but since we moved to the new Ant integration it has been broken. This requires a rewrite of the plugin code to fix. In the meantime, we have removed the plugin download. Sorry about that. Any help will be much welcome.

The integration of Cactus in the Eclipse platform relies on 2 separate plug-ins :

  • The Cactus runner plug-in
  • The Webapp Eclipse plug-in
  • Features at a glance

    • Shortcut for launching Cactus tests

      Cactus launch shortcut
    • Project property page for setting up the web application.

      Webapp property page



    A version of the Eclipse platform later than 2.1 RC2 is needed.


    Connect to the Cactus update site (available soon) from Eclipse to install both plug-ins at once as an Eclipse feature.


    The plug-ins are functional 'off the shelf'. Refer to the corresponding plug-in section for specific configuration.