2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.


The Webapp Eclipse plug-in is intended for war packaging of a web application. It can only be used by another plug-in, i.e. it does not provide any action to users for the moment.

  • Features
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  • Features

    • Provides a project property page for web application setup.

      Webapp property page
    • Generates a war file containg the libraries (Jar files) and the web files selected in the property page.



    The webapp plugin requires a version of the Eclipse platform later than 2.1 RC2.


    Uncompress the zip file and copy the org.apache.cactus.integration.eclipse_[version] folder to your Eclipse plugins folder and restart Eclipse.


    Select a Java project, right click and open its properties. On the page that appears select the Web Application item.


    This plug-in can only be called by another plug-in. See the Cactus runner plug-in for a use case.