Unify XML definitions with Gump


Finish writing the JXR.

Fix Javac Blame for multi-line blames.


Better short term memory. I keep forgetting things before I can get them in this list.

SVG graphing for test stats.

Fix the licenses in the source code. Should be using 1.1. Is this really and admin item or is it another.


Better integration with search engines. You should be able to search code and be taken to the line within the JXR version.

Support for alternative source control applications.

Links into similar systems for other languages. It'd be nice to follow links to native methods into LXR.

Two way linking in JXR. Should be able to see a list of classes dependent on the current class. Could you display a diagram showing the dependency tree. Sounds like a job for SVG or maybe VRML ;O).

Allow people to add adhoc links to the left hand tree.


Might be cool to have a window linked to the main JXR window which has a bunch of frames. Each frame contains a source file which is related to the file being viewed in the mail window. Clicking on one of these moves it into the main window. The idea is to produce a code browsing effect similar to the PARC hyperbolic tree.

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