The Alexandria Project

Alexandria is a CVS/Javadoc/Source code/Documentation management system meant for use within Open Source projects. It's goal is to create a global documentation and source organization system to help people understand source code and to share code across projects.

Alexandria is a Java centric project. The backend is implemented in all XML which is driven by Ant, Xerces, and Xalan.

Definition of source code is done within XML and then transformed (XSLT) into various HTML files and a master build.xml file which is used to drive Ant. Ant attempts to download various CVS repositories and then builds Javadoc.

  • Browse multiple and remote source repositories
  • Generate Javadoc across multiple java projects
  • Browse source code in an organized manner
  • The "use" tag can be use across all projects within Alexandria
  • Support multiple revisions of the same content
Why the name Alexandria?

The library of Alexandria was an enormous Library in ancient Egypt that was destroyed by fire. Many historians regards its destruction a major loss of knowledge (although it is commonly regarded as Legend). I just thought it was appropriate considering we have all this structured information on the Internet but it isn't being used.

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