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It is time for the yearly election of the Jakarta PMC by the
committers of Jakarta.

For a background - please take some time to read:


        The Project Management Committee (PMC) was formed by the
        Apache Board in September 1999. The number of PMC seats is
        set at seven.

        Annually, all seven seats will be up for renewal. The ASF
        board will be asked to provide a person or persons to
        administer the nominations and a subsequent ballot.

        The administrator(s) will determine the mechanics of
        the voting procedures. Any committer to any Jakarta code
        base will be eligible to vote.

        Once the new PMC is in place, the first order of business
        will be to determine a chairperson from amongst their ranks.

        The list of current members can be found in our Project Credits.


        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-7    Nominations close
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-9    Publication of candidate list.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-9    Publication of voter's list.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-12   Candidate list final and announced.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-12   Voter's list final and announced.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-12   Voters receive their ballots.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-12   Ballot opens
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-19   Ballot closes
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-21   Voters receive confirmation of their vote
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-22   Final tally made and published.
        0:00 GMT  - 2002-2-22   Archive handed over to the ASF
                                board secretariat.

Logistics for those elections (v1.02):

Volunteers:     jvote at apache.org
                Dirk-Willem van Gulik (0xEC140B81)
                Jim Jagielski (0xA0BB71C1)
                Ben Laurie (0x2719AF35)

Seat:           A mail folder on daedalus.apache.org
                is used as the mail relay and time
                reference for all communication.

T=0     The Announcement of the election is posted to

                members at apache.org
                an individual message to all people with commit
                access to jakarta-* projects.

T+7     Nominations for PMC needs to be in by 0:00 GMT 7th of
        February 2001. You can either nominate yourself - or
        nominate someone else. What counts is the confirmation
        from the nominee being received.

        ->      Posting a message to general@jakarta.apache.org and
                Cc: jvote at apache.org with your candidature, a short
                description about who you are, what you want to

        ->      Or if you are volunteered by someone else - a similar
                message confirming that you are accepting the
                nomination - with again - some details about yourself.

        ->      PMC seats are open to anyone. Regardless as to
                wether you are a committer, lurker or coder. And
                you can even nominate a complete outsider (assuming
                he or she would consent of course.)

T+9     On the 9th of February we will send out a list of candidates to

        You then have exactly 48hrs to complain about omissions,
        mistakes, etc.

T+9     On the 9th of February we will email out a list of all the
        committers eligible to vote to general@, *-dev, members@ and
        all commiters individually.

        Check that you are on that list.

        Otherwise you will not get to have your vote counted.

        Your .AT.apache.DOT.org address will be used.

T+12    Final list of committers eligible to vote compiled
        and published to general@.

T+12    Final list of candidates compiled and published
        to general@.

T+12    On the 12th of February we will send each committer and
        general@ a ballot form.

        The ballot will contain the names of each candidate and the
        short description they have provided.

        Please return this to us on the address

                        jvote at apache.org

        before the 19th of February.

        Voting Rules:

        - You have seven votes.
        - A ballot with no votes is invalid.
        - A ballot with more than seven votes in invalid.
        - You can only cast one vote per candidate.
        - If you do not use all seven votes - the remainder of
          the votes will be counted as abstained.
        - Returned ballots which are unreadable are invalid.

        Reminder: your vote does not have to be cast in public and
        for the truly paranoid - pgp keys for the voting volunteers
        mentioned above. Regardless of encryption: your vote will
        go on record in the clear with the ASF and ASF records are
        subject to the usual provisions for US corporations and
        board control.

        You are allowed however to Cc: in general@ - this does not
        make the vote invalid.

T+19    19th of February - 0:00 GMT - close of the ballot.

T+20    20th of February - I will email each committer from the list
        of the 9th (thus ignoring anyone who has gained commit
        access since then) what I received from him or her.

        You then have 48hrs to responds if this is wrong, if there
        is an omission, perceived forgery etc.

T+22    22th of February - we will publish the results to general@.

        The results are the name of the seven people which received
        the largest number of votes and the total number of valid
        ballots received.

        A archive of the ballots will be stored with the
        Secretary of the ASF.

T+*     If you see irregularities, issues, or have complaints about
        the procedure - complain to

                jvote at apache.org

        Be aware that there is escalation possible to the
        or, if things are not resolved, to

                board at apache.org

        And that the ASF Board Secretariat will have a full record.

Let the games begin :-)


Cc:     This message is sent to:

        general@jakarta.apache.org, members at apache.org,

        alexandria-dev@jakarta.apache.org, ant-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org, cactus-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org, ecs-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        james-dev@jakarta.apache.org, jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        jmeter-dev@jakarta.apache.org, log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        lucene-dev@jakarta.apache.org, oro-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        regexp-dev@jakarta.apache.org, servletapi-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        slide-dev@jakarta.apache.org, struts-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org, tomcat-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        turbine-dev@jakarta.apache.org, turbine-tdk-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
        velocity-dev@jakarta.apache.org, watchdog-dev@jakarta.apache.org

        and all committers individually.

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