2011/12/21 - Jakarta has been retired.

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The Project obtains its strength from the communication of its members. In order for members to easily communicate with each other, the Project has a variety of mailing lists. These lists, with the exception of the announcement lists, are not moderated and anybody is more than welcome to join them. However, you must be subscribed to post to a list.

To reduce the bandwidth demands on everyone, mail should not contain attachments. It is recommended that you place interesting material (such as patches) either within the body of the message or provide a URL for retrieval.

To join the mailing lists, see our Mailing List page.

The Project's list fall into the following categories:

Announcement lists are very low traffic designed to communicate important information, such as final releases of a subproject's code, to a wide audience.

User lists are for users of a product to converse about such things as configuration and operating of the products of the Project.

Developer lists are for the developers of the project. On these lists suggestions and comments for code changes are discussed and action items are raised and voted on. For the developer community, these lists are the very center of the project where all the "action" is.

The commit lists are where all cvs code commit messages are sent. All committers are required to subscribe to this list so that they can stay aware of changes to the repository.

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