2011/12/21 - Jakarta has been retired.

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Apache projects track bugs, new feature ideas and other issues in one of two issue trackers: Bugzilla and JIRA.

We take bugs very seriously. To help us to quickly fix the bug, be sure to include as much information with your report as possible such as your platform, version numbers, error logs, configuration, etc.

In case of problems please notify the Jakarta General Mailing list.

If you have a code-change linked to your issue that you'd like to submit, please attach a patch-file to the issue. Failing that please mail it to the appropriate developer mailing list. Use the prefix "[PATCH]" on your message subject.

Patches should be created with the "-u" option, for instance:

cvs diff -u Main.java >> arg-fix.patch
diff -u Main.java.orig Main.java >> arg-fix.patch
svn diff -x -u Main.java >> arg-fix.patch

Note: You should give your patch files meaningful names. For instance if you fix a concurrency bug in the foo component do not call your patch file "patchfile.txt" but instead call it "foo-concurrency.patch". This makes it easier for developers who need to apply a number of different patches.

See the guidelines section of our site for more details.

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