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Regexp is Retired

As of 2011-04-17, the Regexp project is retired. This is an archived site.

As there were no new features or releases planned in the future, the Jakarta Regexp project has been retired and moved to the Apache Attic. No further Regexp development or releases will happen at Jakarta.

Users are encouraged to use similar features in newer Java versions, such as java.util.regexp.

This site is kept online for archiving purposes only.

Jakarta Regexp is a 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package that was graciously donated to the Apache Software Foundation by Jonathan Locke. He originally wrote this software back in 1996 and it has stood up quite well to the test of time. It includes complete Javadoc documentation as well as a simple applet for visual debugging and testing suite for compatibility.

This package is intended to be an answer to a question we commonly hear in the Java world:

"Why isn't there a decent regular expression package available for Java under a BSD-Style (ie: Apache) license?"

You can:

  • Download builds.
  • View the list of changes between revisions.
  • Launch applet and run regular expressions interactively.
  • View Javadoc online. It is also included in the distribution download.

If you would like to get involved with this project in one way or another (Mailing lists, SVN, Contributions), please see the Getting Involved section of the Jakarta Website.


  • Jonathan Locke wrote the original code.
  • James Davidson for making the contact with Jonathan and asking him to release his source code.
  • Jon S. Stevens is responsible for re-packaging it and preparing it for release.
  • Craig McClanahan is responsible for setting up the CVS and mailing lists.
  • Ales Novak has contributed bug fixes and feature enhancements.
  • Michael McCallum contributed a patch to add clustering support.