2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

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Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.1.1-dev in CVS So far this is going to be a bug fix release
1.1.0 2004/05/17 Although this is mostly a bug fixing release, we decided to create a new minor release, as it now depends on Commons Lang 2.0 and has some new features (see below)
1.0.1 2003/02/20 Bug-fixing release. Most notably, it does NOT have the EL functionality that is available in the CVS HEAD.
1.0 2002/10/07 Initial release of the String Taglib, to give users a stable released version to work against.
Initial Version 2001/08/30 Initial version of String tag-library. Matching the v0.4 of the GenerationJava String taglib.

Release 1.1.1-dev - in CVS

Type Changes By
update Moved to depending on Commons Lang 2.4 bayard
update Migrated build to Maven2 bayard
fix Bug 41852 - missing unescapeXml in truncateNicely bayard
fix Bug 32287 - Escape tag no longer escaping for Javascript felipeal

Release 1.1.0 - 2004/05/17

Type Changes By
update Changed license to ASF 2.0 bayard
fix Bug 25136 - < str:chomp > wasn't working anymore felipeal
fix Bug 27324 - changed handlers code to be compliant with Commons Lang 2.0 felipeal
add Added attribute delimiterInside to < str:wordWrap > (bug 21866) felipeal
add Added new custom tags, < str:join > and < str:split > (bug 20204) felipeal
add Added < str:length > tag bayard
update Changed the changeString method so it can throw a JspException if the parameters being passed in are in some form of illegal state. bayard

Release 1.0.1 - 2003/02/20

Type Changes By
fix Made a fix to bug # 15321 that stops WordWrap falling over with an ArrayOutOfBoundsException when a newline falls in a particular place. bayard
add Added in a carriageToken to the str:replace tag. bayard
add Added in an attribute, newlineToken, to str:replace to allow newlines to be handled nicely. bayard
remove Removed copyright to William Brogden of Metaphone.java which I'd dimwittingly left there. I have permission of the author in doing so. bayard
remove Removed the unnecessary initAttributes from inside the startTag method for all tags. This was stopping String tags from working inside loops when the container decided to cache the tag. bayard
fix Fixed example string.jsp for truncateNicely as it has the wrong expected value. bayard
update Implemented the switch to using "taglibs-" as a prefix for jar and tld files for taglibs. glenn

Release 1.0 - 2002/10/07

Type Changes By
fix Changed implementation of random() to use the same Random instance across calls. This stops the same value coming out if called in the same millisecond. bayard
fix Swapcase tag. Non-alphabetical text was replaced with the previous alphabetical character and not left alone. this_is_blue becomes thississblue. bayard
fix Substring tag. Added protection into substring so that it doesnt complain when end indexes larger than the string are passed in. bayard
add Added ability to pass -ve indexes in, meaning distance from the end of the string. bayard
fix Newlines on their own were being rubbed out in the wordWrap method. More generically, any whitespace delimiter was being rubbed out. This is due to the fact that the method considers whitespace to be the type of character to split upon. It forgot that a newline was a whitespace though. bayard
fix Changed implementation of StringWisLine so it doesn't try to goto the n+1th element of an array. Was a missing -1 in the algorithm's max value. bayard
fix Updated StringW.center/leftPad/rightPad inline with fixes in Commons. bayard
fix Updated StringW.replaceString with the version in the Commons. bayard
fix Fixed StringW.evaulateSet's javadoc. bayard
fix Fixed a logic fault in the negation logic for CharSet class. bayard
remove ReverseDelimitedString renamed to ReverseDelimitedStringTag. bayard
fix Substring tag default start set to be 0 so an end can be specified on its own. Default end no longer -1 as implementation no longer uses that. bayard
fix Fixed a bug in which the tags were returning SKIP_BODY. This is illegal in a doEndTag method. Now it returns EVAL_PAGE. bayard
add Added a 'var' attribute to all tags. The var attribute tells the tag to place the result in the pagecontext under that variable name and not to output the result to the screen. bayard
update Switched String taglib to be dependent on the beta release of Jakarta Commons Lang. This removes a large amount of the utility code from the taglib. bayard
add Added left, right and mid tags to the taglib. These are new methods in the StringUtils class in Commons Lang and it makes sense to offer these up as and when they arrive. bayard

Release Initial Version - 2001/08/30

Type Changes By
add Imported taglib, added Apache license and modified package name. bayard