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Unstandard Tag Library

The Unstandard Tag Library is a collection of tags and features which users have requested of the Jakarta Standard Tag Library. It is not really tied to the Standard Taglib or JSTL but is instead just somewhere to speed the availability of ideas before JSTL responds to user demand.

Unstandard News
04/23/2003 Launch of the site for Unstandard. It's been around for a couple of months now and has a few tags, <un:instanceOf>, <un:invoke> and <un:equals> [which can handle String.equalsIgnoreCase].

For more information about the Unstandard Tag Library, look at the on-line documentation:

For information on how to use the distributions, look at the following documentation:


Download a binary distribution of the Unstandard Tag Library

The following distributions are also available for download:


List of contributors:

  • Tim O'Brien
  • Henri Yandell
  • Martin Cooper

Copyright © 2000, Apache Software Foundation