Package org.apache.taglibs.mailer2

Class Summary
AddRecipientTag JSP tag mt:addrecipient is used to add recipients to an e-mail message.
AttachTag JSP tag mt:attach is used to add attachments.
BackgroundMailThread A Thread that sends a Message in the background.
ByteArrayDataSource Implements a javax.activation.DataSource for byte array content.
EncryptTag JSP tag mt:encrypt is used to S/MIME sign and encrypt a previously stored message.
HeaderTag JSP tag mt:header is used to set additional headers in an e-mail message.
LoadTag JSP tag mt:load is used to load a var from filename and store it in a variable.
MailAuthenticator A password authentication class used to access an SMTP server that requires PLAIN or LOGIN SMTP authentication.
MailTag JSP tag mt:mail is used to construct an e-mail message.
PartTag JSP tag mt:part is used to create a multipart mail.
ReplyToTag JSP tag mt:replyto is used to add replyto-to recipients to an e-mail message.
SaveTag JSP tag mt:save is used to save a previously stored message to a filename.
SendTag JSP tag mt:send is used to send a previously stored message.
SignTag JSP tag mt:sign is used to S/MIME sign a previously stored message.
Validator Taglib Validator class that is used to validate the use of the mailer taglib.

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