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Iterators Tag Library

This tag library includes useful iteration tags that complement the set of standard iterator tags of the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL).

<forCategories> supports the concept of categories, so that headers and footers can be provided for items that belong to a same category in the collection.

<forColumns> allows the handling of the items of a collection in a columnwise fashion. Each iteration makes available as many items as there are columns, and they are provided such that the ordering sequence is column-wise.

Iterators News
06/21/2002 Iterators taglib now available in the sandbox for testing and evaluation.

For more information about the Iterators Tag Library, look at the on-line documentation:

For information on how to use the distributions, look at the following documentation:


Download a binary distribution of the Iterators Tag Library

The following distributions are also available for download:


List of contributors:

  • Pierre Delisle

Copyright © 2000, Apache Software Foundation