2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

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Release History

Version Date Description
1.0 01/12/2003 1.0 Release
Pre Beta 07/24/2001 Clean up of tag library prior to performing a beta release, moving toward an official release.
Initial version 03/03/2000 Initial check into CVS from Joe's original code, ported to the Jakarta-Taglibs directory structure and build process.

Release 1.0 - 01/12/2003

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Release Pre Beta - 07/24/2001

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? The log tags now do not initialies log4j themselves. You can do this yourself using your own mechanism, via a log4j Servlet or by putting a log4j.properties file in WEB-INF/classes. I use the latter approach in the example web app as I find it easier.
? Optimised the tags so that the body is not evaluated if log4j has the logging category or priority disabled.
? Added new < log:fatal > tag for support for the FATAL level of log4j logging

Release Initial version - 03/03/2000

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