2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

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Jakarta Project: XTags library: Tags for working with XML, XPath and XSLT Revision History

02/10/2002 - Patches

Removed the dependency on Xalan 1. The <xtags:xalanStyle> tag was made to support Xalan 1 for Servlet Containers that do not support JAXP. Since most Servlet containers now support JAXP the <xtags:xalanStyle> has been removed. Users who still require a non-JAXP Xalan 1 XSLT tag can checkout the CVS source of XTags using the non-JAXP-support tag.

01/20/2002 - Patches

Added new boolean attribute 'ascending' on <xtags:forEach> which allows sorting in ascending or descending order.

11/26/2001 - Patches

Added patch to bug found by Tobias Himstedt that the <xtags:style> tag could not accept variables of type Object. Added Tobias' test case to examples/web/test/xslt which demonstrate it now working.

11/09/2001 - Patches

Upgraded XTags to support dom4j 1.1 or later. Also added full support for JSP scopes in XPath variable bindings in line with the forthcoming JSPTL tags. Refer to the documentation for further details but essentially this means you can use expressions like $request:foo or $session:foo or $param:foo or $cookie:foo or $header:foo to refer to different 'foo' attributes in JSP scopes, headers, cookies or parameters

10/09/2001 - Patches

Upgraded code to support boolean flag to enable XML validation as the document is parsed.

09/26/2001 - Patches

Applied patch submitted by Brian De Vries for the <xtags:style> tag which passes a URIResolver into the JAXP TransformerFactory for resolving URIs and URLs properly within the web context.

08/19/2001 - Patches

A number of minor patches and new tags were applied.

New features

08/31/2001 - Patches

Upgrade to support dom4j version 1.0 and greater.

07/31/2001 - Patches

A number of minor patches were applied.


07/24/2001 - Pre Beta

Clean up of tag library prior to performing a beta release, moving toward an official release.

New features

03/03/2000 - Initial version

Initial check into CVS.