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XSL Tag Library

The XSL custom tag library contains an working examples of the tags described in the JSP specification, Version 1.1. As such, the tags are focused more on being examples of custom tag library code techniques, and less on being useful in production applications.

With this custom tag library you can process a XML document with a XSL stylesheet and insert it in place.

This tag library uses version 1 of both the Xerces XML parser and the Xalan XSLT processor. For production use we recommend you use the XTags tag library or the Standard tag library. Both of these use TRAX API compatible XSLT processors such as Xalan 2 and have more features.

12/1/2002 Version 1.0.1 Released
04/14/2002 Version 1.0 Released

For more information about the XSL Tag Library, look at the on-line documentation:

For information on how to use the distributions, look at the following documentation:


Download a binary distribution of the XSL Tag Library

The following distributions are also available for download:


List of contributors:

  • Ignacio J. Ortega
  • Craig R. McClanahan

Copyright © 2000, Apache Software Foundation