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Session Tag Library

The Session JSP tag library provides tags for reading or modifying client HttpSession information.

A servlet container uses an HttpSession to store information about a clients session on the server. By default a JSP page will create a session for a user. The user is tied to the session using either a Cookie or by using URL rewriting. This is how you can tie information to a user between multiple HTTP requests to your server.

Session Attributes are what makes it possible to store information about a clients session between multiple HTTP requests. A session attribute consists of a name and value. To save information about a users session on your server use the setattribute tag.

12/1/2002 Version 1.0.1 Released
04/14/2002 Version 1.0 Released
07/22/2001 Version 1.0 Beta 1 Released

For more information about the Session Tag Library, look at the on-line documentation:

For information on how to use the distributions, look at the following documentation:


Download a binary distribution of the Session Tag Library

The following distributions are also available for download:


List of contributors:

  • Glenn Nielsen

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