Package org.apache.taglibs.scrape

Class Summary
HeaderTag HeaderTag - JSP tag Header is used to set http headers.
HttpConnection HttpConnection - the class that creates the http connection that the rest of the package uses
PageData PageData - An object used to store information about a scrape done by the tags in the scrape package.
PageTag PageTag - JSP tag page is used for generating an http request to a web page, it then scrapes the page for user specified text and stores the results from the scrape for later retrieval by another tag.
ResultTag ResultTag - JSP tag result returns the result of the scrape uniquely identified by a scrapeid.
ScrapeData ScrapeData - An object used to store data for a scrape, data stored is a scrapeid, begin and end markers, flags, and the results of the scrape
ScrapeTag ScrapeTag - JSP tag scrape is used for setting the begin and end anchors of a scrape to be preformed by the parent tag of this tag, PageTag.
UrlTag UrlTag - JSP tag url is used for dynamically setting the url of the page that is going to be scraped by the tag library it is necessary the tag be nested within a page tag.

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