2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

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Jakarta Project: Reusable Dialog Components (RDC) Tag library Revision History

07/20/2005 - 1.0

The RDC tag library has graduated out of sandbox with a 1.0 release.

06/12/2005 - Beta 1.3

This version adds some new components and subdialog support.


New RDC Tags:

05/25/2005 - Beta 1.2

This version primarily added i18n support.


Modified RDC Tags:

05/04/2005 - Beta 1.1

This is a new features version.


Issues addressed:

03/08/2005 - Beta 1.0

This is a new features and sample apps version.

Major Additions:

New RDC Tags:

Modified RDC Tags:

02/25/2005 - Pre Beta 1.2

Added GUI channel to Music Store sample application.


02/12/2005 - Pre Beta 1.1

Added a RDC based Music Store sample application and meta-data files for the components.


01/24/2005 - Pre Beta 1.0

This is a new features version. There have been a multitude of code enhancements.

Major Changes Since Initial Version:

New RDC Tags:

09/10/2004 - Development

Initial version of the RDC tag library. The RDC tag library is in development, changes are fast and furious.