2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

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Jakarta Project: Mailer Tag library Revision History

12/6/2002 - 1.1

1.1 Release

10/30/2002 - 1.1 Nightly

Added the server tag so that the SMTP host can be set dynamically. Refactored tags to fix bugs when running in a JSP engine which implements custom tag pooling like Tomcat 4.1 Jasper 2.

04/14/2002 - 1.0

1.0 Release

07/30/2001 - Pre Beta

Clean up of tag library prior to performing a beta release, moving toward an official release. Changing tag library over to the new build.

05/21/2001 - Pre Beta

Support added for sending attachments in the mail.

03/27/2001 - Pre Beta

To, Cc, and Bcc tags changed to a set and add version to allow the addition of a single address to an already created list of addresses. Send and error tags added to make it possible for wrongly set addresses to be dealt with by the jsp user.

03/15/2001 - Pre Beta

Support added for JNDI lookup of Session and MimePartDataSource objects.

11/22/2001 - Pre Beta

Change to build, and a few changes made to the documentation.

11/21/2000 - Development

Initial version of tag library before Jakarta-Taglibs had an official release policy for tag libraries.