Package org.apache.taglibs.jms

JSP Custom tags for working with JMS.


Interface Summary
ConnectionContext Represents a context capable of providing a Messenger connection to use

Class Summary
AbstractBodyTag A useful base class for BodyTags
AbstractTag A useful base class for Tags
ConnectionTag Defines a JMS connection for use by other JMS tags.
DestinationTag Creates a Destination object from a String name.
MapEntryTag Adds a map entry to the outer Map Message tag
MapMessageTag Creates a JMS MapMessage
MessageOperationTag An abstract base class for JMS Message operation tags such as send, receive or call.
MessageTag Creates a JMS message
ObjectMessageTag Creates a JMS ObjectMessage
PropertyTag Defines a property on an outer JMS Message
ReceiveTag Receives a JMS message.
SendTag Sends a JMS message to some destination.
TextMessageTag Creates a JMS TextMessage

Package org.apache.taglibs.jms Description

JSP Custom tags for working with JMS.

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