2010-04-14 - Jakarta Taglibs has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Jakarta Taglibs
JCP Standardized Tag Libraries
Standard-1.0: JSTL 1.0 (1.2)
Standard-1.1: JSTL 1.1 (2.0)
Supported Tag Libaries
Application (1.1)
Benchmark (1.1)
BSF (1.1)
Cache (1.2)
DateTime (1.1)
DBTags (1.1)
I18N (1.1)
Input (1.1)
IO (1.1)
JMS (1.1)
JNDI (1.1)
Log (1.1)
Mailer (1.1)
Page (1.1)
Random (1.1)
RDC - Reusable Dialog Components (2.0)
Regexp (1.1)
Request (1.1)
Response (1.1)
Scrape (1.1)
Session (1.1)
String (1.1)
XTags (1.1)
Tool Extensions
UltraDev 4.0
Image (1.1)
Iterators (1.2)
Unstandard (1.2)
Data Grid (1.2)
Mailer 2 (2.0)
Deprecated Tag Libraries
Utility (1.1)
XSL (1.1)
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DBTags State of the Union

DBTags has been in beta for quite some time. Considering recent developments within the Jakarta Taglibs community, clarification on the "state" of DBTags is in order.

Recently, the Jakarta Taglibs project has hosted development for the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL). This tag library will become the reference implementation for the JSR-052 specification. (More information on this tag library is available here.) Among its other significant functionality, JSTL contains a complete set of tags for executing SQL in a JSP page. Overlap between these tags and DBTags is considerable, but JSTL does contain some functionality that DBTags does not (notably significant support for SQL transactions).

JSTL development on all fronts is very aggreesive at this time, and there is no reason for DBTags to compete with this effort. Therefore, DBTags is now in a semi-inactive state. The DBTags Tag Library will remain on the Jakarta Taglibs site for the time being, but its future is not certain. New users are strongly encouraged to evaluate both DBTags and the JSTL tags before choosing a method for accessing the database inside of a JSP.

Although JSTL and DBTags contain similar functionality, some users may find the JSTL usage a little daunting. For this reason, DBTags will still remain as an alternative to the JSTL tags. It is possible that DBTags development will resume in the future; time (and the users) will tell. In the meantime, DBTags will remain in an indefinite beta state.

The team of DBTags developers would like to thank all the users who have used our tags, contributed enhancements, made suggestions, and levied criticisms. We hope that you have found these tags useful!

- The DBTags developers

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