Package org.apache.slide.structure

Contains classes for navigating and manipulating the hierarchy of nodes in a namespace.


Interface Summary
Structure Structure helper.

Class Summary
ActionNode Action node class.
GroupNode GroupNode class
LinkNode Link node class.
ObjectNode Represents any kind of object node.
ObjectNode.Binding Represents an binding bindingName -> UURI
ObjectNode.ParentBinding Represents an binding bindingName -> UURI
StructureImpl Default implementation of the Structure interface.
SubjectNode Subject node class.

Exception Summary
CrossServerBindingException Linked object not found.
LinkedObjectNotFoundException Linked object not found.
ObjectAlreadyExistsException Object already exists.
ObjectHasChildrenException Object has children.
ObjectNotFoundException Object not found.
StructureException Data exception.

Package org.apache.slide.structure Description

Contains classes for navigating and manipulating the hierarchy of nodes in a namespace.


The hierarchy of a namespace is composed of nodes. Each node can have children (called sub-nodes). Just like in a filesystem, nodes have different types. ObjectNode is an abstract data type that can represent any node in the namespace structure. In addition, every node must be of either of the following concrete types:

The type of a node determines which roles that node has. See the Security package for more information on roles.

Structure Helper

The central point in this package is the Structure interface, also referred to as the Structure Helper, which you can access using the NamespaceAccessToken.getStructureHelper() method. It provides all the methods required to access and manipulate the node hierarchy of a namespace.