Interface Summary
ContentStore Store service.
IndexStore Store for Index.
LockStore Store for Lock objects.
MacroStore Store for macro opertations support.
NodeStore Store for Node objects.
RevisionDescriptorsStore Store for RevisionDescriptors objects.
RevisionDescriptorStore Store for RevisionDescriptor objects.
SecurityStore Store for NodePermission objects.
SequenceStore Store for sequence support.
Store Represents a store which is used by the Slide API to access data.

Class Summary
AbstractStore Abstract implementation of a store.
BindingStore Store implementation supporting binding-resolution.
DefaultIndexer DefaultIndexer is loaded, when no Indexer was explicitly configured for a store (content or properties).
ExtendedStore Store that allows for transactional caching of data.
ResourceId Uniquely identifies a resource.
StandardStore Deprecated. This store is deprecated as it has no reasonable transaction support, use ExtendedStore instead.

Error Summary
ConcurrencyConflictError Error gets thrown from the store layer upon failure caused by other concurrent requests.