Interface Summary
Indexer An Indexer may create an index on a resource, update it or delete it.
ISearchToken Represents the context of a search requerst.
PropertyProvider If a PropertyProvider is passed to Search.createSearchQuery(), the Search helper must not access any of the properties supported by this PropertyProvider directly (e.g.
QueryScope Holds the scope information supplied with the element.
RequestedResource This interface provides access to the URI and the properties of a resource.
Search Search helper.

Class Summary
SearchImpl Search helper.
SearchLanguage Base class for a search language.
SearchQuery Search query.
SearchQueryResult Aggregates a set containing the result items of a query.
SearchToken Represents the context of a search requerst.
SlideUri A SlideUri contains two parts the context path and the slide uri.

Exception Summary
BadGatewayException Indicates a Bad Gateway exception
BadQueryException Generic search exception.
IndexException Generic search exception.
InvalidQueryException Generic search exception.
InvalidScopeException Used to indicate an invalid scope (or search redirection)
SearchException Generic search exception.