Class Summary
AndExpression Represents an AND expression.
BasicExpression A BasicSearchExpression represents exactly one operator (AND, GT, ...).
CheckResourceTypeExpression Represents an expression that check for a specific resourcetype.
ComparedProperty represents a property, that is to be compared against a literal
CompareExpression Abstract base class for compare expressions (property compares, contains).
ComparePropertyExpression Abstract base class for compare expressions (GT, EQ, is-collection ...).
ContainsExpression Represents a CONTAINS expression.
EmptyExpression Represents an AND expression.
EQExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
GTEExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
GTExpression Represents an GREATER_THAN expression.
IsCollectionExpression Represents an is-collection expression.
IsDefinedExpression Represents an isdefined expression.
IsPrincipalExpression Represents an is-principal expression.
LikeExpression Implements the like operator.
LTEExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
LTExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
MergeExpression Abstract base class for merge expressions (AND, OR).
NotContainsExpression Represents a not-contains expression.
NotEQExpression Represents a not-eq expression.
NotGTEExpression Represents a not-gte expression.
NotGTExpression Represents a not-gt expression.
NotIsCollectionExpression Represents a not-is-collection expression.
NotIsDefinedExpression Represents a not-isdefined expression.
NotIsPrincipalExpression Represents a not-is-principal expression.
NotLikeExpression Implements the not-like operator.
NotLTEExpression Represents a not-lte expression.
NotLTExpression Represents a not-lt expression.
NotPropContainsExpression Represents a not-propcontains expression.
OrExpression Represents an OR expression.
PropContainsExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.