Package org.apache.slide.extractor

Interface Summary
ContentExtractor The ContentExtractor interface
Extractor The Extractor interface
PropertyExtractor The PropertyExtractor interface

Class Summary
AbstractContentExtractor The AbstractPropertyExtractor class
AbstractPropertyExtractor The AbstractPropertyExtractor class
ExtractorManager The ExtractorManager class
MSPowerPointExtractor Author: Ryan Rhodes Date: Jun 27, 2004 Time: 3:45:39 AM
OfficeExtractor The OfficeExtractor class
PDFExtractor Author: Ryan Rhodes Date: Jun 26, 2004 Time: 4:03:00 AM
SimpleXmlExtractor The SimpleXmlExtractor class
TextContentExtractor Content extractor that simply returns the content.
XmlContentExtractor Content extractor that simply extracts all text content of an XML document.

Exception Summary
ExtractorException The ExtractorException class