Package org.apache.slide.util

Interface Summary
Iterator An implementation of the JDK 1.2 Iterator interface.
ObjectCache Object cache interface.

Class Summary
AbstractObjectCache Object cache abstract implementation.
ByteSizeLimitedObjectCache Transactional LRU byte counting object cache.
CacheManagerFactory A factory for obtaining ehcache CacheManagers.
Configuration Provides default configuration for Slide components from the configuration file.
Configuration.Property Names of properties used in the configuration file.
EmptyEnumeration Implementaion of empty Enumeration.
HashMap My implementation of a JDK 1.2 Map.
HashMapObjectCache Deprecated. The cache may grew beyond max size or not cache not at all.
Messages Messages resource bundle manager.
TxLRUObjectCache Transactional LRU object cache.
XMLValue This class is a container for a list of JDOM Elements.
XMLValue.DefaultNamespaceXMLFilter This XMLFilter uses the given namespace as the default, means if no namespace is provided.