Class Summary
AndExpression Represents an AND expression.
BasicExpression A BasicSearchExpression represents exactly one operator (AND, GT, ...).
CheckResourceTypeExpression Represents an expression that check for a specific resourcetype.
ComparedProperty represents a property, that is to be compared against a literal
CompareExpression Abstract base class for compare expressions (property compares, contains).
ComparePropertyExpression Abstract base class for compare expressions (GT, EQ, is-collection ...).
ContainsExpression Represents a CONTAINS expression.
EmptyExpression Represents an AND expression.
EQExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
GTEExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
GTExpression Represents an GREATER_THAN expression.
IsCollectionExpression Represents an is-collection expression.
IsDefinedExpression Represents an isdefined expression.
IsPrincipalExpression Represents an is-principal expression. is-principal is an extension to DASL, usefull for SECURITY issues.
LTEExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
LTExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.
MergeExpression Abstract base class for merge expressions (AND, OR).
NotContainsExpression Represents a not-contains expression.
NotEQExpression Represents a not-eq expression.
NotGTEExpression Represents a not-gte expression.
NotGTExpression Represents a not-gt expression.
NotIsCollectionExpression Represents a not-is-collection expression.
NotIsDefinedExpression Represents a not-isdefined expression.
NotIsPrincipalExpression Represents a not-is-principal expression.
NotLTEExpression Represents a not-lte expression.
NotLTExpression Represents a not-lt expression.
NotPropContainsExpression Represents a not-propcontains expression.
OrExpression Represents an OR expression.
PropContainsExpression Represents an EQUALS expression.