Interface RemoteInformation

All Known Implementing Classes:
GenericEvent, MacroEvent, ResourceEvent

public interface RemoteInformation

The RemoteInformation interface.

This is currently used by the webdav PollMethod to generate an XML representation of the data in an event.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String[][] getInformation()
          The returned String[][] is assumed to be a String[?]

Method Detail


public java.lang.String[][] getInformation()
The returned String[][] is assumed to be a String[?][2], where ? is greater than or equal to 0. The format of the returned value is assumed to be:
     { "XML Element Name 1", "XML Element Value 1"},
     { "XML Element Name 2", "XML Element Value 2"},
One noteable value for the element name is "uri". The Slide context path is preppended to the value of an element with this name before it is returned to the client.

an array of name = value pairs.