Package org.apache.slide.content

Provides classes for accessing and manipulating the content, metadata and revision history of nodes.


Interface Summary
Content Content.
ContentInterceptor An interface that allows custom components to observe and intercept storage, retrieval and removal of content.

Class Summary
AbstractContentInterceptor Provides a basic implementation of the ContentInterceptor interface.
ContentImpl Implementation of the content interface.
NodeProperty Node property class
NodeProperty.Kind The kind of a property: dead, live, protected, computed
NodeProperty.NamespaceCache The usage of this class avoids the creation of mutliple Namespace objects with the same URI but different prefix.
NodeRevisionContent Encapsultes the contents of a revision.
NodeRevisionDescriptor Node Revision Descriptor class.
NodeRevisionDescriptors Node Revision Descriptors class.
NodeRevisionNumber Node Revision Number class.

Exception Summary
BranchNotFoundException Branch not found.
ContentException Content exception.
InsufficientStorageException Exception thrown to indicate that a limitation of available storage space has been reached or exceeded.
NodeNotVersionedException The node is not versioned.
RevisionAlreadyExistException Revision already exist.
RevisionContentNotFoundException Revision content not found.
RevisionDescriptorNotFoundException Revision descriptor not found.
RevisionNotFoundException Revision not found.

Package org.apache.slide.content Description

Provides classes for accessing and manipulating the content, metadata and revision history of nodes. By default linear versioning is automatically provided, but the client can use helper functions to create and merge branches. The versioning component also manages the metadata associated on the objects, like for example its size and creation date.

Each ObjectNode which has content has associated NodeRevisionDescriptors and NodeRevisionDescriptor objects. These objects manage:

The basic metadata include :

The client application can modify metadata fields, add additional fields, ...

Object Model


The NodeRevisionDescriptors class represents the revision tree of an object. This object is immutable.


The NodeRevisionDescriptor class represents all the metadata information associated with the binary content of a revision. This includes information on the revision itself, labels and properties.


The NodeProperty class represents an individual property associated to a revision. This object is immutable.


The NodeRevisionContent class gives access to the revision's binary content.


The NodeRevisionNumber class represents the revision number of a revision. This object is immutable.