Package org.apache.webdav.lib

Interface Summary
Property This interface models a DAV property.
ResponseEntity The interface for the response entity body formats that provide operations for the XML response documents.
Subscriber The Subscriber interface

Class Summary
Ace This interface models a DAV Access control entry.
BaseProperty This interface models a DAV property.
Constants Constants used by the WebDAV client library.
Lock This class represents a lock on a resource.
NotificationListener The NotificationListener class encapsulates all methods that are required for dealing with WebDAV notifications.
Privilege This interface models a DAV ACE privilege.
PropertyName This class models a DAV property name.
Subscription Object that holds information about a single WebDAV subscription.
WebdavFile Implements a file for WebDav
WebdavResource The class WebdavResource is an abstract representation for WebDAV resource.
WebdavResources This WebdavResources class represents a set of WebDAV resources .
WebdavSession This WebdavSession class is for the session management of WebDAV clients.
WebdavState Session state.

Exception Summary
WebdavException Wraps other Exceptions into RuntimeException.