Uses of Interface

Uses of CharacterIterator in org.apache.regexp

Classes in org.apache.regexp that implement CharacterIterator
 class CharacterArrayCharacterIterator
          Encapsulates char[] as CharacterIterator
 class ReaderCharacterIterator
          Encapsulates as CharacterIterator
 class StreamCharacterIterator
          Encapsulates as CharacterIterator.
 class StringCharacterIterator
          Encapsulates String as CharacterIterator.

Fields in org.apache.regexp declared as CharacterIterator
(package private)  CharacterIterator

Methods in org.apache.regexp with parameters of type CharacterIterator
 boolean RE.match(CharacterIterator search, int i)
          Matches the current regular expression program against a character array, starting at a given index.
(package private)  boolean RETestCase.tryMatchUsingCI(CharacterIterator matchAgainst)

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