2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

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External resources related to Cactus

Recent entries comes first in the table.
Title Type Description
Using Cactus with ATG Dynamo. Tutorial + Code Piran Montford has created a Cactus extension to help use Cactus with ATG Dynamo.
In-Container Testing with JUnit. Article Julien Dubois explains how to use Cactus to perform in-container testing of a Struts based application running in OC4J.
JAM Build tool JAM is a modular Ant toolkit for developing and testing Java/J2EE applications. JAM supports EJB and Servlet/JSP development using XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, Maven, Castor and MDA/UML code generation on various J2EE servers including JBoss.
Testing FileUploads with Cactus. Article Shows how to perform file uploads with Cactus, Java NIO and Commons-httpclient.
Unit Test Java Web Apps with Cactus. Article Extreme programming means testing often during the development life cycle, and the Cactus environment is ideal for making unit testing easier.
Unit testing J2EE applications. Slides Vincent's slides on "Unit testing J2EE applications" presented at TheServerSide Symposium 2002.
JavaDevWithAnt. Software Project demonstrating Ant, XDoclet, Struts, JUnit, Cactus, and Lucene.
Maven Cactus Plugin Software Maven front end for Cactus.
Jenerator Software A Code Generator that produces, among lots of other things, Unit Tests for all types of EJB for JUnit and Cactus.
Stress Testing with The Grinder and Cactus Article Return of experience on how to use Cactus and The Grinder to perform Stress Unit Tests.
Unit Testing Servlets with Weblogic and Cactus Article Return of experience on how to use Cactus, WebLogic and Test Driven development.
EJB Monitor Software GUI Monitoring console for WebLogic 6.1 that allows you to easily run Cactus tests.
Cactus Wizard for JBuilder Software CactusWizard offers a JBuilder Wizard to generate Unit-Tests for the Java Programming Language. It is possible to create JUnit-TestCases, -TestSuites and Cactus-TestCases like ServletTestCase or JSPTestCase
Novell exteNd May 2002. Article This article describes how to use Jakarta’s Cactus test framework in conjunction with the SilverStream eXtend™ Workbench.
Test flexibly with AspectJ and mock objects Article This article demonstrates how to use AspectJ in association with Mock Objects to provide greater test flexibility. It also demonstrates how AspectJ can complement Cactus tests.
KaCoMa Software KaCoMa (abbreviation for Kaarle's ContentManagement until further notice) is a ContentManagement system for web-sites that serves as a tutorial for beginners of custom taglibraries and/or Unit testing of corresponding software.
StrutsTestCase for JUnit Software StrutsTestCase for JUnit is an extension of the standard JUnit TestCase class that provides facilities for testing code based on the Struts framework. StrutsTestCase provides both a Mock Object approach and a Cactus approach to actually run the Struts ActionServlet, allowing you to test your Struts code with or without a running servlet engine.
Java Tools for Extreme Programming: Mastering Open Source Tools, including Ant, JUnit, and Cactus Book Co-authored by Nicholas Lesiecki (a Cactus commiter) and Richard Hightower, this book covers key open source testing and integration tools that work well in agile processes such as XP. The book features a Cactus API reference, an in-depth tutorial on Cactus use, and an example of applying in-container techniques to a real-world application.
Views from Abroad: Cactus -- No Pity for Bugs Article Interview of Vincent Massol from Benoit Marchal.
Views from Abroad: Cactus -- No Pity for Bugs Article Interview of Vincent Massol from Benoit Marchal.