2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Release Checklist

This checklist does not include how to release the Maven plugin for Cactus.

Checklist of tasks to perform for each release:

  1. Ensure that all open bugs have been either fixed, or added in the announcement file. Note that improvements do not need to be added to the announcement file.
  2. Ensure that the Cactus tests have been run on several application servers and update the Tested On page accordingly.
  3. Ensure that Cactus works with the latest released versions of the external libraries it uses (Commons-logging, HttpClient, HttpUnit, etc) and update the dependencies.xml.default file to use these latest versions.
  4. Ensure that the Todo page has no more items for the current version.
  5. Update the ANNOUNCEMENT.txt file in CVS with the release notes. A sample announcement template is provided at the bottom of this page.
  6. Ensure you have added a news item for the new Cactus release on the News page.
  7. Edit changes.xml and replace "in CVS" with the date of the release.
  8. Edit build-common.xml and modify the project.version.* Ant properties so that they reflect the version number for the release (no dev suffix should remain). Commit the changes.
  9. CVS Checkout a clean copy of Cactus so that no local files are included in the distribution and to verify it really works.
  10. Build the Cactus release for all Servlet APIs (ant release at the top level). Note: Make sure you are connected to the internet when building the releases as the documentation subproject needs the CVS logs for the changes page.
  11. Install each delivered release on your local computer and try running the Sample application tests for one application server.
  12. Upload the Cactus releases (for all Servlet APIs and the source one) and the zipped Ant distribution to cvs.apache.org, putting them in the /www/www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/cactus directory (binaries go in binaries/ and sources in source/). Also make sure you link the latest versions to the *-current.zip files.
  13. Upload the Cactus website by running ant upload in the Cactus documentation/ project (after you have run ant release from the top level).
  14. Tag the CVS HEAD with a new release tag named CACTUS_<version>_RELEASE (ex: CACTUS_14_RELEASE).
  15. Checkout the jakarta-site2 CVS module. Modify the following files and then run ant. Commit the modified files. Then log on cvs.apache.org, go to /www/jakarta.apache.org/site and type cvs update.
    • news.xml
    • binindex.xml
    • sourceindex.xml
    • index.xml
  16. Add a new version in JIRA so that users can enter bugs for the new version released.
  17. Go to the integration/maven directory, copy the build.properties.sample to build.properties, set the proper values on build.properties and run maven site:deploy, maven plugin:deploy and maven jar:deploy.
  18. Login on people.apache.org and manually create the .jar and .md5 files that should go to /www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository/cactus/jars (the .jar files are inside the generated .zip files; the .md5 can be generated by the command md5 -q.
  19. Prepare the next version by editing again the build-common.xml file and modifying the project.*.version properties with the new development version (for example after releasing 1.5, the new development version is 1.6dev).
  20. Announce the release on the following locations (using the ANNOUNCEMENT.txt as the email content):
    • Cactus user mailing list: Send the announcement there with a subject of [ANN] Cactus <version> has been released.
    • Jakarta Announcement mailing list (announcements@jakarta.apache.org): Send the announcement there with a subject of [ANN] Cactus <version> has been released.

Announcement template

The Cactus project is pleased to announce the release of version <v>.
Cactus is a unit testing framework for testing server side java code.


[add description of main focus here]

Main new features

[add main new features here]


Please check the Changes page at
http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/changes.html for a full list of the 
changes in version <v>. 

Known limitations and bugs:

[add main limitations and known bugs here]

For more information about Cactus, please visit

Have fun,
-The Cactus team