2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

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News and Events - Archives for 2001

12/2001 StrutsTestCase for JUnit is a framework for un it testing Struts code. It provides both mock objects and a Cactus integration for testing inside and outside of the container.
11/2001 New book on open source tools for XP, including a big chapter on Cactus: Java Tools for Extreme Programming: Mastering Open Source Tools, including Ant, JUnit, and Cactus. By Rick Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki from eBlox.
12/10/2001 Presentation of Cactus at London JSIG. Led by Vincent Massol from OCTO Technology.
28/06/2001 Article on Cactus from Earthweb: Cactus: no pity for bugs.