2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Jira Report

CACTUS-234 Remove jboss-j2ee jar from our distribution Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-214 Add Cargo dependencies Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-203 Exception - NoClassDefFoundError - OptRuntime Closed Incomplete Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-161 maven.compile.[target|source ] usage incorrect Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-140 [PATCH ] Can ' t compile cactus from CVS due to xdoc error Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-136 [PATCH ] xdocs/changes.xml is broken Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-241 login page Closed Invalid Unassigned
CACTUS-228 Can not start Tomcat 5.5.7 to run unit test Resolved Fixed Unassigned
CACTUS-227 Eclipse V3.1 Plugins Closed Won ' t Fix Vincent Massol
CACTUS-216 Maven plugin in Cactus 1.7 does not respect java plugin settings Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-215 Cactus now depends on JDK 1.4 Resolved Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-193 support for JBoss 4x in maven cactus plugin Resolved Duplicate Vincent Massol
CACTUS-260 Error org/apache/commons/codec/DecoderException does not print stack trace Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-259 Mailing list subscription is no-op Closed Invalid Unassigned
CACTUS-258 Improve performance of CactifyWarTask Closed Fixed Magnus Grimsell
CACTUS-257 Error 404 WebLogic 10 and Cactus Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-256 ServletTestRunner should build test redirector URL from incoming request, not use CACTUS_CONTEXT_URL_PROPERTY unless instructed Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-255 Jetty integration doesn ' t work with Jetty 6 Resolved Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-254 Eclipse plugin will not work for Maven-generated ' SNAPSHOT ' versions Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-253 JettyContainerManager unable to load jspRedirector.jsp Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-252 JUnit 4.x integration Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-251 W org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl release failed to flush response buffer during PageContext.release() warning on conclusion of execution of test Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-249 Cactus resubmits request after approximately 1 hour Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-248 Add option to allow for custom ServletRedirectors Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-247 Cactus-maven2 integration Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-246 Jakarta Cactus 1.7.2 won ' t work with Apache ANT 1.7.0. Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-245 java.lang.ClassFormatError: org.apache.cactus.server.FilterTestRedirector Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-244 Issue at cactifywar with cactus-maven-1.7 Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-243 Cactus Integration with Weblogic8 and Maven Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-239 Documentation still contains CVS references Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-238 Ability for the CactifyEar Task to to optionally work on an exploded Ear Open Unresolved Unassigned
CA CTUS-237 Jetty integration doesn ' t work with Jetty 5 Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-236 CLONE -It ' s not possible to set a timeout for the containers Open Unresolved Felipe Leme
CACTUS-233 Inclusion of JARs inside cactus ' s war should be optional Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-232 Create new pro perty for Cactus classes destination Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-231 It ' s not possible to set a timeout for the containers Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-230 Add support for testing JSR-168 portlets Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-226 cactifywar task drops welcome-file-list from existing web.xml Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-225 Bad way of instanciating the class test a second time Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-224 add the servletredirector tag to the cactify task In Progress Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-222 Cactus does not work on Resin 3.0.13 Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-219 the cactus scanner return a java.lang.NullPointerException with maven 1.1-beta-1 Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-218 Add new PageContextWrapper.getOriginalPageContext() to return the original PageContext object wrapped by Cactus Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-217 project.xml does not parse properly with maven 1.1 beta-1 Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-213 Memory leak Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-212 running cactus report before junit report causes exception Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-211 Support multiple source directories Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-209 Duplication context not allowed for ear integration testing Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-207 Discuss deploying 2nd Tomcat instance in tutorial Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-205 Most of the maven properties for ant:javac are ignored Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-202 cactus.ear should be defined at plugin.properties Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-2 00 print error content if ...cactus.internal.client.connector.http.DefaultHttpClient.callGetResult gets response code other than 200 Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-199 build fails in " doc.generate " Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-198 Reporting custom test name instead of method name Open Unresolved Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-197 Goal cactus:cactifyear does not use new maven-ear-plugin properties Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-194 Flag to allow Weblogic deployment from non domain directory Closed Won ' t Fix Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-192 Can not change jboss-web.xml Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-191 cactifyear should add ejb-refs Closed Fixed Unassigned
CACTUS-190 cactifyear Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-189 cactifywar cannot merge servlets run-as element Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-188 OC4J 10.x Support Closed Won ' t Fix Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-187 Add quick fix for adding cactus libraries automatically Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-186 " cactify " should check if the jars it adds are already in the project build path before adding them Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-185 Ability to leave the server running after the test is finished Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-184 Provide a full servlet container test suite a la Watchdog using Cactus Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-182 Add performance unit tests concept Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-181 Add a OpenEJBTestSetup class for an embedded OpenEJB integration Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-179 Improve support for the JUnitReport XML format Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-178 Add support for multi-concurrent Cactus tests Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-176 Add support for Servlet API 2.4/JSP 2.0 Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-175 Add a JMS redirector Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-174 Improve the ServletTestRunner and try to make it run without the need for System properties Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-173 Add test cases for the form-based authentication feature Open Unresolved Kazuhito SUGURI
CACTUS-172 Enhance the runservertests task to accept nested containerset elements. Open Unresolved Unassigne d
CACTUS-171 Add EJB redirector(s) Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-170 Modify the Eclipse plugin to use the latest Ant integration. Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-169 Migrate tests cases to use JMock instead of MockObjects Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-168 Move Cactus build to Maven Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-167 Prevent the sample jetty project from building if the J2EE API Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-166 Improve the documentation CheckSitemap Ant task to check external URLs Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-165 Fix problems in changes.xml XSL stylesheet stripping HTML tags Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-164 Add documentation for form-based authentication Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-163 jboss3x task does not understand jvmArgs Closed Invalid Felipe Leme
CACTUS-160 Add support for WebSphere 5.x and 6.x Closed Won ' t Fix Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-159 Add support for JBoss 4.x (should be simple) Closed Duplicate Vincent Massol
CACTUS-158 OutOfMemory in application server Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-157 Build Failed Closed Invalid Unassigned
CACTUS-156 javac settings Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-155 version number in the distribution are not correct Closed Invalid Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-153 Ant integration fails with Resin 3.0.9 Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-152 JBoss 4.0 Support Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-151 Refactor Ant integration to use Cargo Closed Fixed Petar Tahchiev
CACTUS-150 JDK 1.5 runtime incompatible with Cactus ServletTestRunner? Closed Duplicate Felipe Leme
CACTUS-148 Container runner not starting tomcat5 properly Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-143 ant fails on [checkstyle ] task under cygwin due to mixup with newlines Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-142 Unable to do a build using maven and JDK 1.5 Closed Invalid Vincent Massol
CACTUS-139 cactus:test fails if pr operty maven.war.final.name is redefined Closed Fixed Felipe Leme
CACTUS-135 cactus-report does not show stack trace on failures/errors Closed Fixed Vincent Massol
CACTUS-133 Improvements for Maven ' s cactifyear goal Open Unresolved Unassigned
CACTUS-131 Unable to pass both parameters and content in a POST request Open Unresolved Unassigned