2011/08/05 - Jakarta Cactus has been retired.

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Release History

versions newer than 1.7 ...
1.7 2005-01-28
1.6.1 2004-05-14
1.6 2004-05-08

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Release versions newer than 1.7 - ...

update Since version 1.7.1 of Cactus all changes are now recorded using Apache's JIRA. The list of changes for an unreleased version is available in the JIRA roadmap report and the released version changes in the JIRA changelog report . felipeal

Release 1.7 - 2005-01-28

fix Proper use of maven.compile.targetand maven.compile.sourceproperties. Fixes CACTUS-161. Thanks to Brett Porter . felipeal
add Added jvmArgsproperty to the containers tasks. Fixes CACTUS-158. felipeal
update Added optional sourceattribute from the java plugin for compiling cactus tests. Fixes CACTUS-156. Thanks to Henner Kollmann . vmassol
add Allows Cactus to include some resources in the webapp classpath ( WEB-INF/classes), through the use of variable cactus.resources.dirs. Fixes CACTUS-132. Thanks to Nicolas Chalumeau. felipeal
update Updated AspectJ to 1.2.1, so Cactus compiles and run under JDK 1.5. Fixes CACTUS-129. Thanks to Mark Lambert . felipeal
add Extended cactus.syspropertiesproperty to the cactus:matchand cactus:singlegoals. Fixes CACTUS-128. Thanks to Maxwell Grender-Jones . felipeal
new Goal cactus:testis not executed if property maven.test.skipis set. Fixes CACTUS-146. felipeal
update Cactus now uses HttpUnit 1.6. Fixes CACTUS-139. felipeal
update Plugin is now buildable withouth any manual intervention. Fixes CACTUS-137. felipeal
update The Cactus HTML JUnit report now displays the stack trace in case of failure. Fixes CACTUS-135. Thanks to Felipe Leme . vmassol
fix The plugin now correctly uses the maven.war.build.dir, maven.war.final.name, maven.ejb.build.dirand maven.ejb.final.nameproperties from the WAR and EJB plugins instead of hard-coding the values. Note that as a result, the Cactus plugins now requires version 1.7+ of the WAR plugin and version 1.6+ of the EJB plugin. Fixes CACTUS-64. vmassol
fix Cactus now guesses automatically what Java source files are Cactus tests when packaging tests in an EAR (it was already supported when running tests packaged in a WAR). vmassol
add Added new cactus.jboss3x.config.dirproperty which allows users to specify the location of a custom JBoss server configuration to use. This configuration, if specified, will be copied by the < cactus > task to cactus.jboss3x.tmp.dir. Fixes CACTUS-119. vmassol
add Added new cactus.jboss3x.tmp.dirproperty which points to where the JBoss server configuration for Cactus will be created. It defaults to ${cactus.home.jboss3x}/server/cactus. Fixes CACTUS-119. vmassol
add Added new cactus.syspropertiesproperty to the Maven plugin for Cactus to allow passing system properties to the client and server side Cactus JVMs. vmassol

Release 1.6.1 - 2004-05-14


Release 1.6 - 2004-05-08

add When calling cactus:test, only run the tests if there are Cactus tests present in the filesystem (i.e. if the Cactus source directory exists). Fixes CACTUS-102. Thanks to Nicolas De Loof . vmassol
fix Added dependency on commons-jelly-tags-xml. It seems this is required for some configurations of Maven. vmassol
update Removed explicit dependencies on EAR and WAR plugins so that users are free to install the versions they want to work with. As it was, we were forcing them to use a specific version, which is bad. Thanks to Peter Bright. vmassol
add The cactus:testcan now also be used to run tests packaged in an EAR. However the cactus.is.earproperty needs to be set to true(it is falseby default thus packaging tests in a WAR). vmassol
fix Aligning the EAR-ing behavior in the Cactus plugin for Maven with the behavior from the EAR Maven plugin. More specifically, supports the new < ear.module >property tagging + support for sar modules + fixes a bug in the generation of the EAR descriptor. Fixes CACTUS-98. vmassol
fix The cactus:test-eargoal was not using properly the cactus.test.includes/ cactus.test.excludesthus leading to tests not being included/excluded. Thanks to Nicolas Chalumeau. vmassol
update Updated the version of Commons HttpClient in the Cactus distribution to 2.0 final. vmassol
fix Aligned the EAR-ing behavior in the Cactus plugin (when using the cactus:test-eargoal) with the behavior from the EAR Maven plugin. More specifically the Cactus plugin now honors both the < ear.bundle >property tagging, the maven.ear.srcproperty and the maven.ear.manifestproperty. vmassol
fix Added support for running tests packaged as an EAR when the Cactus plugin is triggered by defining the Cactus report in project.xml. Fixes CACTUS-91. Thanks to Archimedes Trajano. vmassol
fix When running Cactus tests on an EJB project, through cactus:test-ear, do not include the EJB sources in the cactified WAR inside the EAR we deploy. vmassol
add Added new cactus.jboss3x.jndiportproperty to specify which JNDI port to use when shutting down JBoss. Defaults to 1099 (the JBoss default). vmassol
add Added support for Resin 3.x (above version 3.0.5). vmassol
add Added support for custom ports when using JBoss. Please note that this will only work with custom JBoss configs. The default conf ig used by Cactus uses port 8080 (that's the default JBoss config). Fixes CACTUS-86. Thanks to Stephane Nicoll. vmassol
add Added 2 new properties to support debugging Cactus tests: cactus.logging.config.clientand cactus.logging.config.server. They point to logging config properties file. vmassol
add Added new optional cactus.src.warand cactus.src.ejbproperties to specify where to find the artifacts to test using Cactus. vmassol
add Added 2 properties ( cactus.build.goal.warand cactus.build.goal.ejb) for defining which goal is called by Cactus to generate the war and ejb artifacts. They default to war:warand ejb:ejbrespectively. Fixes CACTUS-72. Thanks to Sean Timm. vmassol
add Added new optional cactus.warproperty. It specified the location where to generate the cactified WAR. Note that this is also the name of the test context that will be used (except if the context is specified by other means such as in application.xmlif the WAR is packaged in an EAR, etc). It defaults to ${maven.build.dir}/${pom.artifactId}-cactus.war. vmassol
add Added support for the new configxmlattribute used in the < weblogic7x >element of the < cactus >task. Thanks to Tony Czupryna. vmassol
add Added support for EJB testing with Cactus. Calling cactus:test-earpac kages the whole thing in an EAR and executes the Cactus tests. Fixes CACTUS-72. Thanks to Michael Gaffney. vmassol
add The cactus:testgoal now automatically discovers JUnit Test Cases from non JUnit java classes and by default excludes all classes that are not tests. vmassol
update Renamed properties cactus.src.includesand cactus.src.excludesin cactus.test.includesand cactus.test.excludes. The previous names were misleading and some Cactus useres thought it referred to inclusion/exclusion of classes during the compilation. Please also note that files to include/exclude are now .classfiles and no longer .javafiles. vmassol
add When running reports, make sure Cactus tests do not fail the build. vmassol
fix Fixed bug MAVEN-1000. Cactus tests are now automatically started by default when the site is generated. This feature can be turned off. vmassol
fix The plugin now correctly uses the ${maven.war.final.name}property instead of hard-coding the war name to ${pom.artifactId}.war. Fixes CACTUS-64. vmassol
add Moved the Cactus plugin from the Maven CVS to the Cactus CVS. vmassol