Package org.apache.cactus

Contains all classes needed for writing Cactus tests.


Interface Summary
Request Tagging interface that represents all Requests objects that are used on the Cactus client side to store information related to the request that will be sent to the Cactus redirector (on the Cactus Server side).
WebRequest Contains HTTP request data for a Cactus test case.

Class Summary
Cookie Client cookie.
EJBRequest Prototype of EJBRedirector for Cactus.
FilterTestCase Test classes that need access to valid Filter implicit objects (such as the FilterConfig and FilterChain objects) must subclass this class.
HttpSessionCookie Cookie containing an HTTP Session id.
JmsRequest Contains all JMS request data for a test case.
JmsTestCase TestCase class to test Message Driven Beans (or any JMS listener for that matter).
JspTestCase Test classes that need access to valid JSP implicit objects (such as the page context, the output jsp writer, the HTTP request, ...) must subclass this class.
ServiceDefinition Constants that define HTTP parameters required for defining a service that is performed by the ServletTestRedirector servlet.
ServletTestCase Cactus test case to unit test Servlets.
ServletTestSuite TestSuite wrapper that wraps all the tests of the suite in Cactus ServletTestCase objects.
ServletURL Simulate an HTTP URL by breaking it into its different parts.
WebResponse Default web response implementation that provides a minimal API for asserting returned output stream from the server side.

Package org.apache.cactus Description

Contains all classes needed for writing Cactus tests.

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