Package org.apache.cactus.internal

Contains Cactus internal implementation classes.


Interface Summary
CactusTestCase Common interface that must be implemented by all Cactus test cases.
HttpServiceDefinition Constants that define HTTP parameters required for defining a service that is performed by the ServletTestRedirector servlet.

Class Summary
AbstractCactusTestCase Base class for all Cactus test case extensions.
AbstractTestSuite Test Suite that wraps all the tests of the suite in Cactus Test Case objects so that pure JUnit tests can be run on the server side.
BaseWebRequest Contains all HTTP request data for a test case but independently of the fact that there is or there is not a Cactus redirector.
EJBTestResult Prototype of EJBRedirector for Cactus.
RequestDirectives Encapsulates the Cactus-specific parameters added to a request.
ServiceEnumeration List of valid services that the test redirectors can perform.
WebRequestImpl Extends BaseWebRequest to add properties specific to the Cactus Web Redirectors.
WebTestResult Represent the result of the execution of the Test class by the server redirector.

Package org.apache.cactus.internal Description

Contains Cactus internal implementation classes.

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